Layered Limestone Look

New custom faux painting technique called “Layered Limestone Look”. The client had us play off her existing colors throughout the house.

This finish takes three layers. First base coat, then a 3-tone color washing. The last layer using random carefully torn out shapes to appear like limestone with thick brown craft paper, then ragged-on using two different colors.

Sometimes toning them back down for more depth with the base color. Creating the illusion of texture on a plain wall for a “Old World” charm and elegance feel.





Kitchen Outdoor Garden

   First the wall was painted a sunshine yellow. Then decorative painting of a playful garden that looked to have started overgrowing with a flower petal birdbath and birds.

Sports Fan Theme

   The young boy had us turn his bedroom into a sports fan haven. Some of his decorations I made appear to been thrown into the wall. He added one of his favorite football teams mascot with helmet, the AU Tigers. A locker with his soccer jersey shirt and number, football field markers on longest wall, and a collage of sports equipment over his bed.


Surfer Girl Dream

   This mural was done for a teenage girls bedroom. She has a love for surfing. We made the walls different colors from Caribbean color palette, with a mural of a surfers hut, surf boards and palm trees on island beach.

Key West Tiki Bar

   Every now and again I get a request to do something different. I took on a job to carve sea creatures out of varies woods for a Tiki bar back splash. Meanwhile Mike showed off his mad skills building the bar and cabinets using pecky cypress to dress them up. I grabbed the leftover or damaged pieces of pecky cypress and carefully placed them together like a puzzle for the back of the underwater scene.

   Everything was sealed with a clear coat except for the wood frame, which was stained, then sealed. After completed, the bar was sent to Key West and built in place. The clients sent us a couple pictures by phone.

   That was a AWESOME experience!!!!!!! I owe my carving skills and the knowledge of different wood types to my Great Uncle RC Nobles.

Air Force Mural

What happens when an F14 blasts a hole in your bedroom wall? This young man has a dream to one day be a pilot in our Air Force once out of high school. Wanted to make this mural a little more exciting than just a picture of a jet. To add to the effect, I added bullet holes around the room and even made the wallpaper look as though it was peeling off from the explosion.


Log Cabin Livin’

This Log Cabin mural was inspired by the little boy’s ideas of what he wanted.  I played off the outdoorsy decor in the bedroom, making it fun and a little whimsical. Finished it off by adding his fishing pole too.



English Huntsman Guest Suite

 We based the guest suite design from the existing English Huntsman decorations and fabrics. I painted a England countryside mural on all the surrounding walls, then antiqued the mural with aging effect glaze. We also built a faux fireplace. The mantle is wood and used for more decorations to give a Bed& Breakfast feel for the guest.


French Country Guest Suite

          In this guest suite we added decorative molding to the ceiling and painted the same color as the walls for a classic French Country feel. In the bathroom I did a Two-tone Faux Finish with custom painted border. The border has French Florentine patterns with scriptures about love, hope, and faith.







Mussler’s Billards

     The idea is to make it feel like you’re in a pool hall with a mural of a pool table top, playing 8 ball. It was changeling but in the end turned out fun.

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